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  • sea turtles nesting costa rica

    Sea Turtles Nesting Costa Rica

    Experience sea turtles nesting in Costa Rica without the crowds at Cristal Azul Hotel Sea Turtles Nesting Costa Rica – it’s been their beach destination for millions of years! Long before flocks of tourists arrived […]

  • Tamborito the Pizote!

    Three weeks ago Henner came home  for cocktails with guests Charlie & Pat, regular guests who are also soon to be neighbors in the area.  When he entered the rancho he was excited to share […]

  • Our little guy!

    Tamborito spent two days up on the hill at Cristal Azul before moving to the truly luxe accommodations at SIBU preserve in Nosara where he will learn to live in the wild with other lost […]

  • My first introduction to Tamborito

    This was all I could see at first of Tamborito, the baby Pizote that was abandoned by his mother, rescued by Henner, and now living at SIBU/Nosara Wildlife Preserve with Steve & Vicki and a […]